12 days: Highlights of Colonial Mexico with Monarch Butterflies

Starting at $2,530.00
Sunday, November 22 to Thursday December 3, 2020

Central Mexico: an array of majestic cities, jewels of the Spanish colonization era, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a lively colorful world filled with history and culture. Rich minerals and Catholicism promoted the establishment of splendid cities dominated by sumptuous baroque churches. Morelia, the aristocrat of the cities built with pink quarry stones; Guanajuato, an explosion of color perched on hillsides; San Miguel Allende, a picturesque cobblestoned delight; Queretaro, monuments that tell stories. Archaeological sites are a testimony to the origin of Mexican culture. Cross forested mountains while trying to sight the snow-covered tips of the volcanos that form the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. Every year Monarch Butterflies migrate 2500 miles from the United States and Canada to the Western Sierra Madre mountains in central Mexico, an amazing journey and a fascinating story of survival. Butterflies settle on oyamel fir trees (Abies religiosa) at elevations of 9,000 to 11,000 ft. in a particular ecosystem necessary for their survival. Visit one of the sanctuaries which serve as their winter refuge. Access to these remote areas is only by foot, the overwhelming sight of millions of butterflies filling the sky rewards the hike. Exquisite Mexican cuisine culminates the experience..