15 days: Highlights of Colonial Mexico with Ann Harmer & Friends

Starting at $3,200.00
Thursday, September 5 to Thursday, September 19, 2019

Central Mexico: an array of majestic cities, jewels of the Spanish colonization era, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a lively colorful world filled with history and culture. The ancient capital of the Aztec Empire is omnipresent in today’s thriving metropolis of Mexico City. Amid pre-columbian excavations, imposing colonial buildings, and ultramodern skyscrapers, a vibrant mestizo culture integrates the ancient with the modern world. Rich minerals and Catholicism promoted the establishment of splendid cities dominated by sumptuous baroque churches. Morelia, the aristocrat of the cities built with quarry stones; Guanajuato, an explosion of color perched on hillsides; San Miguel Allende, a picturesque cobblestoned delight; Queretaro, monuments that tell stories; Puebla, treasures housed in tile and stone-covered buildings; Oaxaca, the perfect blend that creates a most captivating city. Arqueological sites, a testimony to the origin of Mexican culture. Reserved indigenous people in colorful dresses living in charming quaint villages maintain a simple lifestyle filled with tradition and produce magnificent crafts known worldwide. Exquisite Mexican cuisine culminates the experience..