12 days. A taste of Baja California peninsula (Flora and Whales) w / San Diego Botanic Garden

Dates to be determined

Surrounded by a natural aquarium, the rugged magical landscape of Baja California is a premium wildlife destination virtually untouched by humans. Immerse yourself in vast desert expanses rich in vegetation found nowhere else in the world, explore pristine beaches beneath towering escarpments, azure waters teeming with life and get up close and personal with gray whales. Journey through a land that attracted explorers, adventurers and religious seekers leaving their footprints in Spanish missions, fishing villages, quiet mining towns and isolated ranches. Trace the natural and cultural history of this paradise on earth. Experience the peaceful solitude that Baja inspires. The trip will be led by Dave Ehrlinger, San Diego Botanic Garden’s Director of Horticulture Emeritus .