Baja Hidden Gem: Hiking, Water Sports & Whale Sharks w/ Road Scholar

Price starting at: $2,099.00
2017 Dates: October 25-31

Jacques Cousteau called it “the acquarium of the world,” but there’s much more to Mexico’s Baja California than crystal-clear waters and bountiful marine life. You’ll find an endless desert garden covering hills, oases and craggy mountain peaks — the backdrop to a fascinating cultural heritage. Discover the best of Baja’s land and sea, as you hike desert trails to historic mission settlements, snorkel among sea lions and paddle to remote and pristine bays and beaches to find a human and natural history unlike anyplace on earth. For more information and register, call Road Scholar toll free at (877)426-8056, Monday trought Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, or register online at .