Infinite jungles lined by imposing mountains, evergreen forests intersected by deep canyons and vast prickly deserts rich in vegetation gracefully decorate this magical land. Confined by the crystalline blue Caribbean waters and the restless Pacific Ocean, this natural paradise is home to an infinite biodiversity which provided the foundation for the country’s civilizations to follow. Vestiges of ancient monumental worship centers mingling with alluring Spanish colonial towns stand as testimony of the thirty five hundred years of historical treasure that have shaped the people of Mexico. A culture that emerged from superstitious Native Indians who contributed a wealth of flavorful foods, rituals, art, and physical traits to the world’s most powerful nation, the Spanish conquerors who brought their language, religion and cuisine. A merger that is evident in unique traditions such as the Day of the Dead celebration and the overpowering image of our Lady of Guadalupe. The consolidation of these two opposing worlds gave birth to the lively and colorful Mestizo. Combining strength, creativity and endurance, they are the people of today’s Mexico.

“Hidden behind a natural treasure, the dark eyes of an Indian stare at the white bearded conqueror, she cannot escape, she cannot fight back, betrayed by the fear of the returning Quetzalcoatl, god of gods, she surrenders…a new Nation is born.”