No words can describe the grandeur of the majestic Sierra Tarahumara. Dominated by nature, steep ups and sharp downs are intersected by one of the most striking railroad lines in the world, a major engineering feat traveling through deserts, coniferous forests and tropical canyon floors. Four times the size of the Grand Canyon, the Copper Canyon, as the area is commonly known, houses eleven gorges formed millions of years ago making it one of the greatest systems on earth. Imposing rock walls grasp the blue skies giving way to waterfalls with 800 ft of free fall enclosing narrow rivers that see only an hour of direct sunlight a day. Playful frog and mushroom shaped rocks surround lakes that inspire tranquility. Resisting outside intrusion for over two thousand years by retreating to ever more inaccessible places, the reticent Tarahumara people spot the terrain with arrays of colorful dresses. Colonial towns, abandoned mining centers and missions stand as testimony of the Spanish conquest. The Mogollon culture witnessed in the singular Paquime Archeological site, turn-of-the-century haciendas, homes of prominent historical figures and Mennonite colonies are only a few reminders of the importance of Chihuahua throughout Mexico’s history. Explore this desolated jewel, one of Mexico’s hidden treasures greeting adventurers with wide open arms.