Birding in Baja California

Stretching hundreds of miles, Southern California and the peninsula of Baja California house an ample diversity of climatic zones. Ranging from Mediterranean in the North becoming arid in the central regions and evolving into sub-tropical towards the South, this rich region offers an ideal home to a colorful array of birds. California Gnatcatchers and California Towhees feeding in brushy landscapes. Purple-neck Costa’s give way to bright-magenta Anna’s Hummingbirds and mingle with frisky Xantu’s Hummingbirds and Vermilion Flycatchers. In the semi arid North, skies are darkened by flocks of Red-winged Blackbirds, while smaller groups of Lesser Goldfinches and Oak Titmouse inspect the land. Solitary Wrentits inhabit prickly deserts where Gila Woodpeckers and Gilded Flickers peck on imposing Cardons. Verdins and secretive Gray Thrashers hide in the brushy flora. The sub-tropical South sees a Caracara in search of carrion. The endangered Belding’s Yellowthroat hides behind his black mask perched on a Palm tree aside a tame Yellow-eyed Junco. Thousands of miles of coastline allure an immense variety of birds: Blue footed Boobies, Clapper Rails, American and Black Oystercatchers, Snowy and Wilsons Plovers, Elegant, Royal and Least Terns, Magnificent Frigatebirds, Least Grebes, Brant Geese, Neotropic, Brandt’s and Pelagic Coromorants, and many more.