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Bienvenidos a Mexico…

Since 1997 Andiamo Tour Mexico has successfully catered to the adventure oriented, nature conscious traveler searching for an alternative way to discover Mexico’s secrets.

Journey through the astonishing Baja California peninsula with endless deserts, crystalline waters and friendly gray whales viewed at arm’s length. Marvel at the impressive Copper Canyon in Chihuahua and interact with the Tarahumara indigenous culture still resisting outside intrusion. Indulge yourself in Michoacan, the soul of Mexico, home to the spectacular Monarch butterflies who travel thousands of miles escaping the cold winters of the North.

Venture into places you would not reach on your own. Marvel at natural wonders off the beaten track untouched by massive tourism. Explore pristine landscapes, mountains and coastal waters teaming with life. Visit historical sites and interact with local people to better understand Mexican life and culture. For the active traveler, kayak in the "aquarium of the world" as described by Cousteau, and hike among monumental cacti and studded peaks.

Our specialized local leaders, naturalists and office staff excel in providing personal attention, immersing you in a pleasant harmonious Mexican atmosphere with fun learning experiences, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Join us for a life-changing adventure! …Hasta pronto.